January 23, 2009


One of the highlights of Shakespeare’s comedies for me is reading the wordplay. I think this is actually more enjoyable on the page than it would be on stage, since at normal speed the jokes come too rapidly for me to get.

In the same spirit, I really enjoyed this interview between Diane Rehm and James Lipton. If you don’t want to listen to the full hour, I would recommend just the five-minute quiz they take starting around 44:20. In addition to being really entertaining and erudite people (the latter gets somewhat over-the-top), they have two of the most unique voices I’ve ever heard; this interview really showcases the strengths the medium of radio. Diane Rehm’s voice is due to spasmodic dysphonia (itself a fascinating disease – check out Scott Adams’ blog post about his battle with it), while James Lipton’s is due to years of classical theater training.

The other side of wordplay that I really like can be seen in this New York Times article, which I highly recommend.