April Fools
April 6, 2009





New Year’s Resolutions
January 3, 2009


Now it’s 2009. It’s a good time for introspection, and pretty much every media outlet does a feature on New Year’s resolutions. Here’s the best one I’ve seen this year and here’s the worst.

The former has some good insight into self-improvement: people are capable of radically changing themselves, but they rarely live up to that potential, so it’s probably better to get used to yourself the way you are then to plan to improve yourself significantly. But, if you want to improve yourself, the article has some tips, which basically boil down to changing your habits of mind (which is actually really effective).

The latter is a page from our official US government website. This site really sucks and I’m hopeful the Obama administration will shape it into something useful and aesthetically pleasing, since the Obama people have something of a reputation for Internet competence. Our government website also has its own blog (our national blog, I guess), called GovGab. I can’t imagine being paid to blog in a hip and relevant style about governmental services, but there’s got to be a better way than this.

Christmas Eve
December 24, 2008

I’ve been at home and sick for the last 24 hours, and now I’m at home and feeling somewhat better. While sick and feverish, I watched A Christmas Carol (this is definitely the way to do it). It’s a very affecting story. Therefore I wish you all Happy Holidays and overall good cheer.

Also, here’s the backstory behind the writing of the Carol. The first twenty minutes or so are worthwile.