Political Blogging

Since the rise of Obama, I’ve felt that political blogging has lost a lot of its cachet. It’s not that I’m at all happy with the current state of American politics, but it has certainly improved a lot over the truly horrific nightmare that was the beginning of this decade. This change means that a lot of healthy, well-adjusted people who got riled up during the Bush Administration are backing away from politics now, which is fine with me. I guess I’m actually doing the same. Anyway, along these lines, here’s the inimitable Hilzoy’s swan song, and a nice comment on it by LizardBreath.


2 Responses

  1. We’re on the verge of losing everything we’ve fought for to centrist Democrats, so yeah, perfect time to stop (not that I’m in any position to criticize).

  2. dude, you’re always completely entitled to criticize me if you feel the need.

    I didn’t mean this as an attack on political blogging or on political activity, though. Of course it’s always better when more citizens are more engaged in the political process, and of course it sucks when someone awesome like Hilzoy stops blogging, but I think there are enough progressive institutions and communities now (that were lacking during the Bush Era) that producing or consuming political blogs isn’t as beneficial as it used to be.

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