Ross Douthat


image courtesy Wikipedia

image courtesy Wikipedia

I’m working right now on a longer post that’s taking more time than I expected, but in the meantime I can make another short comment on the staffing policies of the New York Times editorial board. As I mentioned earlier, I was thrilled that William Kristol left, since his column was essentially equivalent to a weekly RNC press release, including the poor writing and the factual inaccuracies. However, now I’m just as thrilled about the new replacement – Ross Douthat. He’s also a conservative, but he’s intellectually honest, a good writer, and very intelligent, and he has plenty of experience making conservative arguments to liberal audiences. He also writes about a wide variety of topics, from social conservatism and critiques of the conservative movement to film, literature, and culture. As you may have noticed from his inclusion in my blogroll at the bottom of the page, I’ve been a fan of his for years, and I think he’ll do an excellent job.


3 Responses

  1. I’m looking forward to any alternative to Bill Kristol, douchebag.

    Also, how did you like Richard II?

    • heh, yeah, it would be difficult to find a worse choice than that guy.

      And I liked Richard II a lot! I like Henry IV even more! I was kinda surprised they were so entertaining, since they’re histories, but that’s my own fault I think. I’ll definitely try do another Shakespeare post within the next few days with more to say about them.

  2. I think King Richard from Richard II is the most bitter, depressing character that I’ve encountered in Shakespeare so far.

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