Power, cont’d (and robots)

Good timing! I got the clean coal post up right before this nice Time magazine takedown of clean coal came out. It’s quite a good article; I recommend it. EDIT: Here’s another link describing just why that ash stuff is such a problem anyways. 

Also, in last week’s Economist, I was struck by this paragraph stuck innocuously in the middle of a generic article about Japan’s economy. While worrying about Japan’s lack of population growth and its effect on the economy (I wish people would at least consider a no-growth paradigm, but that’s for another post too), the author notes (emphasis mine)

Conservatives have few answers. They call for incentives to keep women at home to breed (though poor career prospects for mothers are a big factor behind a precipitous fall in the fertility rate). Robot workers offer more hope to some: two-fifths of all the world’s industrial robots are in Japan. They have the advantage of being neither foreign nor delinquent, words which in Japan trip together off the tongue. Yet robots can do only so much.

Others are not so blasé.


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  1. Awesome post.

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